Your God Will Come

The Story Behind the Song


My sister, Kristen, sings with me on this song. Her daughter, Brianna, was diagnosed with diabetes when she was only three years old. Brianna’s life is very difficult to say the least. She is constantly dependent upon insulin and, even then, her blood sugar will either plummet low or be dangerously high. This song is dedicated to her and my friends who are still waiting for healing. Your God will come and we will fight in prayer in the night until He does.

The week of tracking vocals for this song, I suddenly came down with a cold and lost my voice. The night before we tracked this song, during the Nightwatch at IHOP-KC, God miraculously healed my voice.

How did I write this song?

vocals-studio3I had been meditating on Isaiah 35 thinking about God’s desire to bring justice to those that need healing. I finished the song that night, but, in reality, the song was not flowing together musically. I knew it was a weaker song. So, I looked at it several times trying to make it stronger but I just could never get it. The night before we tracked the music for the song, my friend and producer, Cassie Campbell, looked at the song and helped me re-write it. After we finished, it was a different song, but I was so thankful because it needed help! After writing this song with her, I realized how helpful it is when you write songs to get others to help.

Healing Selah

The Story Behind the Song


I believe that there is healing power in prophetic music. When we tracked “Your God Will Come”, Cassie Campbell (my producer) and I told the musicians that we wanted to create a song that a critically ill person could listen to and just soak in the presence of the Lord. Susanna Erwin on violin and Luke Hendrickson on keys took to the task. In just three takes they had it. As we tracked, you could feel the presence of the Lord in the studio. Later, Luke went back and added penny whistle. I fully expect that the healing power of God is going to go forth as people listen to this song.

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