Bringing 240,897 Prayers to the 
Supreme Court

It was a defining moment on Tuesday, October 1st when we unrolled the scroll with almost a quarter million signatures to end abortion. Afterwards, as I went up the steps of the Supreme Court looking at the massive 5ftx125ft scroll from a distance, I felt the Holy Spirit say, “Each signature is a prayer before me to end abortion.” Though it was a witness to man of so many of us who want to see babies saved, what was more powerful was the intercession to almighty God Who is the One Who ultimately has the power to rescue these women and babies from abortion.

After landing Monday, September 30th, I emerged from the underground Metro Station and saw the Capitol building in the distance. Oh how many hours I have spent in intercession looking at that building crying out for our nation! I felt powerful emotions and began to weep thinking back to where it all started for me as a thirteen year old praying with his dad with over 1 million men at Promise Keepers on the National Mall. However, I didn’t have too long to think—I immediately began work on logistics for the press conference and unrolling of the scroll the next day.

That evening, I finally got to see the scroll. I felt like a hero walking in to that group of excited intercessors as Allan Parker introduced me as, “the artist who designed the scroll.” All the words my sleep deprived self could come up with was, “That will work!” It was beautiful and beyond my imagination how it actually turned out. A computer screen can never do justice to something that massive. 

The next morning, YWAM Tyler arrived with a group of excited young people. Two of them carried the scroll on their shoulders to Spirit of Justice Park a few blocks away from the Supreme Court where we held a prayer meeting. From there, we took the scroll to the Supreme Court where many women including Lisa Stribling (co-founder of Hope City) shared their stories of how abortion has destroyed their lives. 

The next day, Allan Parker took me up to the Supreme Court lawyers only law library showing me the law books Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton are written in. Allan has access to this library since he worked with the Roe of Roe v Wade and Doe of Doe v Bolton to overturn their cases. They both came to know the Lord and regret their involvement. We prayed over those books asking God to turn the hearts of our nation and see this thing end!

Our mission was to get the Supreme Court to take a case considering a Louisiana abortion law. This case has the potential to overturn Roe v Wade. We were so thankful to find out that they decided to hear the case! Lets pray like never before for the Supreme Court that they will fight for the rights of the women whose lives are being destroyed by abortion every day.

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