Solomon Islands From the Ends of the Earth to 
Fire in the Night in Kansas City

E. Jay from the Solomon Islands

From the Ends of the Earth to 
Fire in the Night in Kansas City

Eleazar Jimmy Riria (E. Jay) grew up in the Solomon Islands (a small group of Islands in the South Pacific). His grandma taught him from the Word of God and how to pray when he was young. Recently, E. Jay journeyed from his small island nation to Kansas City to participate in our Nightwatch internship, Fire in the Night. Before he came to Kansas City, E. Jay was involved in leading worship in a small village, Fa’arau, at the Fa’arau House of Prayer. Like our prayer room in Kansas City, the Fa’arau House of Prayer’s worship and prayer never stops. A team from the IHOP-KC Nightwatch led by Rick Rupp went to Fa’arau to feed and clothe the poor, give away instruments for the house of prayer, and share the love of Christ. Once Rick got to know E. Jay, he raised funds to bring him to Kansas City.

In Fire in the Night, E. Jay learned the value of reading, praying, and singing the Word. He looks forward to returning to the Solomon Islands to share all he has learned. He desires to preach from what he has learned and teach children in his village many of the songs he sang at IHOP-KC.

Last month, E. Jay joined the worship team I sing on in the Nightwatch. It has been so fun to sing with him and get to know him. I know God is going to do so much through this man of God! I believe Isaiah prophesied of the very day we are living in, “From the ends of the earth we hear songs, ‘Glory to the Righteous One’” (Isaiah 24:16). I saw it in Haiti every morning when 1,000 gathered to pray in that island nation. Now E. Jay will be a part of making that a reality in the Solomon Islands.

To connect with our Nightwatch team visiting the Solomon Islands in August and to learn more about their vision to drill wells for the poor visit

I’m Moving

After two years of living in the inner city, I am moving back to a house closer to our main missions base. I am doing the majority of my ministry down there as I pray and sing in the Nightwatch and work with IHOP-KC’s LIFE Initiatives Department. Over the past few months, the long commute has been difficult to afford and manage. I am continuing to minister in the inner city at Hope City once a week. I am going to miss living in the inner city!

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